Bridge 2 Technologies

A global and inclusive platform where industry leaders, diverse businesses, business mentors, and communities connect and collaborate.

We believe B2T’s social impact business model, coupled with our technology platform, will change the way corporations and diverse companies engage around the world.

We created Bridge 2 Technologies (B2T) to:

  • Close the gap by building a global intellect and inclusiveness ecosystem and platform uniquely designed to solve the systemic lack of diversity, access to capital, and connectivity.
  • Provide a next-generation technology platform that profiles and connects industry leaders, organizations and diverse companies to global opportunities and resources.
  • Prepare diverse businesses, board members, executives, and rising professionals to meet the demands of leading companies that highly value diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Provide global access to critical resources, opportunities, and capital to accelerate economic equality for diverse companies and workforces.

As a company focused on “Global Intellect and Inclusiveness,” we are able to assist you as you shift your objectives and operations as a result of the global pandemic. Adding immediate impact by:

  • Helping achieve revenue parity between Black-owned business and non-diverse businesses – estimated to add $290 billion to the economy*

  • Supporting Latin-owned businesses, the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs – estimated to contribute more than $700 billion in sales annually*

  • Assisting with the worldwide workforce shortage – estimated to exceed 85 million people by 2030 and forecasted to equate to over $8 trillion in lost revenue*

*As published in industry reports.

B2T is Designed for Providers of Opportunities Who Highly Value Economic Inclusion

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