BRIDGE 2 TECHNOLOGIES (B2T) Kicks Off Global Intellect Summit with Founder Eric L. Kelly, building a Global Platform and Ecosystem to Build Next Generation Billion Dollar Diverse Companies

The June 22, 2022 B2T Global  Summit’s 2nd annual event will be held at the Nasdaq in Times Square, New York and includes conversations with the some of the nation’s most prominent corporate, University and non-profit leaders featuring panels and fireside chats, including; Access to Capital Strategy (Panel), Strategic Growth and Partnership (Panel) Fireside Chat with SF Federal Reserve on global economy and diversity, Fireside Chat on Bridging 2 Communities and the closing bell ringing ceremony


SAN RAMON (Calif.) – June 21, 2022 —Technology is largely responsible for accelerating advancement at all levels and when businesses and individuals lag behind, the consequences on society as a whole are adversely affected. On June 22, 2022 the B2T Global Intellect Summit will address a complex set of key issues and a framework that provide the solutions needed to make a dramatic and transformative change in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). From policy to practice, the information discussed will provide what’s been missing to drive actionable change.

Bridge 2 Technologies Founder, Eric L. Kelly, stated “I am pleased and excited about this year’s Summit as we have assembled an outstanding group representing a cross-section of board members, executives and thought leaders from various industries to address the compounding effects of the digital divide, including the expansion of diverse businesses, the workforce gap, economic inequality, the lack of access to capital and influential mentorship to fuel growth. The 2022 Summit will allow us to unpack the global issues and deliver exceptional outcomes.


What they’re saying

JPMorgan Chase

“JPMorgan Chase and Overland-Tandberg share a desire to use our strength to drive positive change and we’re working hard to address key challenges that diverse founders are facing today, including access to capital and technology,” said Fredrick Royall III, Managing Director and National Head of Diverse Businesses, JPMorgan Chase. “Events like the Global Intellect Summit are critical for driving this conversation forward, and helping define the proactive role that corporations can play to support diverse businesses across the globe.”



“Eric’s team has been instrumental in AT&T’s work to help bridge the digital divide, by providing the integration and installation services of computers to AT&T Connected Learning Centers within under-served communities and urban centers,” said Hardmon Williams III, Vice President Mobility Sales. “I am very excited to participate in the Global Intellect Summit and collaborate with other leaders about the importance of  access to technology solutions, which is vital for success in today’s digital world.”



“Cisco is excited to contribute to the Global Intellect Summit,” said Jason W. Gallo, Global VP of Partner Sales. Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all, where we overcome challenges and pursue new opportunities for customers and our global ecosystem of partners.”


Republic of Ghana

“Ghana is excited about the B2T platform not only because it will make a significant impact in creating linkages and opportunities to catalyze the growth of minority owned businesses, but additionally because it will give a good number of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with sister businesses in the diaspora and the global economic community,” said Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information. “This is where real upliftment will come from.”



A Billion Dollar Goal!

“The B2T Global Summit’s fusion of access to capital, strategic partnership and bridging community is why I am thrilled to be part of this initiative” said Lisa Wardell, Executive Chairman of Adtalem Global Education. “Their goal of creating a sustainable and diverse collection of billion-dollar companies, with clearly defined and quantitative targets, is exactly the type of focus we need to drive meaningful results and build the businesses of the future.” Ms. Wardell will lead the Summit’s panel discussion on Access to Capital.


 Closing the Digital Divide with Juneteenth in New York City!

“I can’t say enough about the comprehensive commitment of the incredible people, companies and the Nasdaq exchange, that helped to make the Summit work to close the digital divide” said Founder Eric L. Kelly. This month the nation celebrates Juneteenth and I couldn’t be more proud to be at the financial center of the world, bringing access to capital and diversity awareness to the world. We look forward to being here next year and reporting on the successes we’ve achieved towards our combined goals” he continued.


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